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Marketing Management

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Implementing marketing solutions that reach a market at a specific time, place and format requires project management, collaboration and extreme attention to detail. Integrating your message so it reaches the right audience at the right time and in the right format is part science and part art. More importantly, you will need to track Key Performance Indicators that ensures your marketing is achieving the greatest ROI possible.

Campaign Management

If developing a plan is the first step then implementing that plan becomes the most important step. Integrating your message to the right audience at the right time with the right format is part science and part art. At Allume we know your time is valuable and we focus on delivering your marketing solutions in a manageable way with effective project management tools to keep your campaigns on track. This gives you less to worry about and more time for you and your employees.

SEO/PPC Management

Behind every great website is smart programming and easy navigation. Supporting your content builds with matching SEO content builds will ensure your website gets seen. If you require a quicker acquisition of viewers, then a strategic Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign may help turn those viewers into leads. Regardless of how you choose to get your site seen, Allume can help assist in securing higher rankings and managing SEO or PPC campaigns that get you higher rankings and give you the ability to track your success through customized analytics.

Content Management

Managing content across numerous marketing channels is a huge task. Analyzing relevant content, checking for readability and implementing an editorial calendar that can be repeated is what we live for. Allume takes this a step further and applies a four step process (Relevancy, Readability, Response, Repetition) to ensure your content is engaging, professionally written and can generate the response you need.

Website Analytics Management

Allume helps you make sense of all the data. A custom dashboard that incorporates our proprietary statistical analysis methods will make the most complex data manageable. We track data relating to your overall traffic such as clicked links, time on page and keywords searched to make sure you target only your qualified leads.

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