Arun Sharma

Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Arun hails from the northern Indian state known as Himachal. As a teen Arun's family settled in Southern Minnesota where his father is Department Chair and Professor of Economics at Minnesota State-Mankato, where he graduated with degrees in Economics and International Business. Post-graduation, he returned to India for several years where he successfully started and operated a distributing company, Core Valves & Alloys. Following a relocation back to the States he spent over twenty years working at the highest levels of business and marketing leadership with two major global corporations, Siemens and Reliance Steel & Aluminum.

Despite these successes, something was missing. Having been interested in photography since a youngster, Arun founded a photography studio in 1997, later renamed Allume Studios. As the studio grew, Arun became increasingly interested in utilizing both his creative mind and his previous business experience. Soon Allume Digital was born and a new kind of marketing company emerged that combined marketing and in-house creative content production.

Today Arun provides leadership and creative strategic direction to four companies, all operating under the Allume Worldwide umbrella. When not hard at work in our Minneapolis corporate offices Arun can be found at home with his family cruising the streets on his Mean Streak motorcycle.

Arun has been married for thirty wonderful years to a very understanding wife, Uma, and has two sons who are both involved with the Allume companies.